3 August 2015 – two local birds

“Local” birds are technically hatch-year, but the distinction is that these are birds quite recently out of the nest and probably not yet dispersed from the natal range. In the case of an American Robin, those spot-breasted babies can rather safely be considered locals.  They’ll soon undergo their first pre-basic molt and look like their parents.

Northern Cardinal babies – locals – are easy to recognize too, with their dusky gray bills instead of bright orange sported by their parents.  A “female” cardinal with a dark bill is almost certainly a local young of the year.

Sadly, these locals are often not the greatest fliers (or “landers”, which might be more important), and two of them, a cardinal at the main north alcove and a robin on the corner of the straight north face, met their end this morning (actually on the 2nd based on a report I’d received).  The robin was both the first of its species found on this project and the first casualty for the north face of the building.  (Sorry, no photos).

Screen shot 2015-08-12 at 10.13.29 PM