5 November 2016 – Fox Sparrow and Dark-eyed Junco

I did not get a chance to check the Noble Research Center until 4:00 pm today but when I did there was a sad surprise at the northeastern alcove. It looks for all the world like these two were traveling together, although I certainly cannot establish that to be the case:

AHY-F Dark-eyed Junco, fat = 0.

AHY-U Fox Sparrow, fat = 1.

This is just the second Fox Sparrow I’ve found on this project.

26 March 2012 – Fox Sparrow

The first casualty since November 5th is a new species for this study: Fox Sparrow.  This big, beautiful bird was ASY with a fat score = 2.


Fox Sparrows breed in the north and west; this individual looked to be from the eastern subspecies.


Here’s what Fox Sparrows have been up to lately:  heading back north from their wintering grounds.  Check out this distribution of Fox Sparrow eBird reports from February:


. . . and this one from March: