22 June 2012 – trapped Bewick’s Wren

Today I found a Bewick’s Wren in one of the west alcoves at the NRC.  The bird allowed me to approach within just a few feet, but was active enough that it would not let me catch it, and it flew strongly.  If it was truly stunned, then the effects had worn off by the time I got to it.  I will not record this bird as a casualty.

8 June 2012 – Bewick’s Wren

Today both Mourning Doves remain apparent.  There was also a juvenile Bewick’s Wren that met its untimely end at an NRC window this morning.


Like the recent Tufted Titmouse and Red-bellied Woodpecker, this is a resident species that I have never encountered on campus in life so I was surprised to find one in death.  The bird was confusing to age, as it appeared to have a recovering brood patch.  The loose texture to its feathers, accumulated fat, lack of feather wear, and especially its pale yellow gape at the corners of its bill confirm that it is a young bird hatched this year.  Sadly, it will not reach the destination of its dispersal.