30 May 2018 – Kentucky Warbler

Today brought a new surprise – the 64th species casualty at the site, an AHY-male Kentucky Warbler, fat = 0, CP = 2. Note the broken lower mandible.

29 May 2018 – Brown Thrasher

Found just the second ever Brown Thrasher as a window-kill victim at the Noble Research Center on the OSU campus in Stillwater. This was an AHY female with a well-defined brood patch, no fat, and no obvious collision injury on the bill.

24 May 2018 – Wilson’s Warbler

Although there were no casualties on my survey, Aurora Manley’s sharp eyes found this AHY-M Wilson’s Warbler later in the day. The bird was alive when she encountered it, but her description of its behavior and the photos she provided suggest to me that the poor little guy didn’t make it.