14 March 2016 – no casualties

Although, standing in the Ag Hall stairway and looking at the Cedar Waxwings working over the Eastern Redcedar just outside the window, 3 of them smashed into the window right where I was standing trying to shoo them away.  I suspect that we might have some bonus casualties reported this week . . .

2015 in Review

The pictures tell the story:

We found 35 casualties at the Noble Research Center in 2015, plus 11 trapped birds. From 2010–2015, the NRC has averaged 35.5 victims.

I conducted 10 scavenging trials in 2015, with an average carcass survival time of 10.40 days. We ran 265 surveys in 2015, which works out to a carcass search every 1.38 days.

Jan & Feb 2016 – no casualties

I closed out January with surveys on 18–20 and 25 Jan. In February, I surveyed on the 4th, 11th, 12th, 19th, and 29th – had to get leap year in – and found zero casualties. The last casualty of the 2015/2016 fall/winter season was a Dark-eyed Junco on Nov. 19th.

Tomorrow (1 March) begins the spring/summer 2016 sampling season . . .