4 October 2015 – Clay-colored Sparrow

Autumn arrived with a thud for this poor Clay-colored Sparrow today.  It was one of the fattest of these little sparrows I’ve ever seen (easily a 3 on my 0–3 scale), which was impressive for a youngster:  HY-U.

DSCF8893 DSCF8894Screen shot 2015-10-04 at 2.22.26 PM

One thought on “4 October 2015 – Clay-colored Sparrow

  1. Had an idea- what if each little body were memorialized with a painted bird silhouette where it was found. All it would take is a stencil and spray paint. Seems like it would bring a much more broad awareness of the death toll, especially around the most deadly buildings. Could even use several sizes or profiles of birds and matching colors of paint. And who could honorably object?

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