5 September 2014 – stunned Northern Cardinal

Sometimes this work can be rather surreal.  This morning, while working with Scott Loss on training a group of undergraduate students in monitoring buildings for window kills, the students were looking in exactly the right direction to watch a young cardinal fly into a window about 10m away.  The bird, a HY male, lay on his back stunned for a minute or two, then it perked up and flew strongly before perching in a Japanese maple very near to us.  He was groggy, but I’ll assume that he’ll recover in the absence of evidence to the contrary and record him as “stunned”.


Screen shot 2014-09-05 at 1.55.14 PM

2 thoughts on “5 September 2014 – stunned Northern Cardinal

  1. I work for the Klamath bird observatory, klamathbird.org. We are doing a fundraiser for our international migratory bird program and I am looking for an image to ago bird collision and it’s effect on our migratory birds. Could I have the use of a photo of yours to display in our slide show and video? Credit would be given. We would greatly appreciate your help in bringing about awareness.

    • Of course you may use an image from my blog for such a purpose. If you’d like to contact me directly to arrange a high quality original (or originals if you’d like more than one), just ask: tim oconnell okstate.edu.

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