11 May 2014 – Two Indigo Buntings and a Yellow Warbler

The onslaught continues.

This morning, the Clay-colored Sparrow was in place and had not been touched.  I was happy to not see a Gray Catbird, Painted Bunting, or Wilson’s Warbler limp on the ground, which means that I was at least successful yesterday in getting those birds away from the building.

There were, however, three new casualties today.  First, there were two female Indigo Buntings, one in the southeast alcove and one along the north facing wall.  I collected one and left the other in situ.  The one I collected was an ASY female with fat = 2.


Female Indigo Bunting #1, collected:


Female Indigo Bunting #2, left in situ:


In the southwestern alcove, I found this gorgeous ASY male Yellow Warbler.  This one had no visible fat, making me wonder if he exhausted himself as a trapped bird rather than dying suddenly from impact trauma.



Here they are together prior to internment in my freezer:



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