6 March 2014 – no casualties, but an odd story

No casualties today, but yesterday a student brought my attention to a plastic container apparently just inside one of the doors at the NRC that contained a dead Indigo Bunting.  She said she had seen it there for “weeks”; I indicated that if it was really an Indigo Bunting it more likely had been in place for months.

The student procured the container for me:  Sure enough, it was a plastic, lidded container in which it appears someone had used a knife to cut “air holes”.  Inside was a near immaculate condition male Indigo Bunting, except for the fact that when I opened the lid the stench was close to the worst I had ever experienced from a little bird.

I don’t know what to make of this.  Had someone found the bird alive, put it in a box to help it recover from being stunned from a window strike, and then forgot that it was there?  Did someone find the bird and leave it there for me to collect?  It certainly is a mystery.  I cannot even say for sure it was a casualty from the NRC or even from a building on campus.  Maybe someone found it at their home and brought it in hoping I would find it?  However you slice it, I consider it to be an example of gross negligence, and I just hope the poor little guy didn’t suffer too badly from its ham-handed treatment.

One thought on “6 March 2014 – no casualties, but an odd story

  1. That is absolutely terrible and upsetting to read. I’m sorry you had to experience that. What are people thinking?

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