11 August 2013 – Black-and-White Warbler



The official start to fall migration began this morning with a beautiful ASY male Black-and-White Warbler.  He had no visible fat and I found him on a south face to the building but approaching mid-August it’s difficult to imagine him as a local disperser rather than a fall migrant.  Here’s the odd place he showed up:

Screen shot 2013-08-11 at 8.43.52 AM

I noticed him from some distance away.  I was thinking this morning how even an errant leaf catches my eye.  My detection rate is lower than 100%, but not by much.


See him?


DSCF3871 DSCF3872

Birders not used to seeing Black-and-Whites in the fall can be distracted by the white throats of adult males and misidentify a bird like this as female.  The one character that only the adult males possess in all plumages is, however, evident on this guy:  black auriculars (“cheek patch”).