8 July 2013 – Indigo Bunting and Grasshopper Sparrow


At first glance, it looked like these two “sparrows” were flying together and hit the same window.  A closer inspection revealed that while they might have ended up in the same spot, they arrived independently.

Screen shot 2013-07-08 at 10.21.40 AM

Today I found a female Indigo Bunting, apparently AHY. The insects had already gotten to her head – that’s the black “patch” she shows above her eye. This indicates to me that she was actually a casualty from yesterday morning, the 7th.  I moved her to the side and will monitor the progress of her removal.  (The cardinal remains evident to me.)


A bit closer to the window was this HY Grasshopper Sparrow.  This bird was in excellent condition (fat = 2) in life – indicating that it was migrating – and its carcass was much fresher than that of the Indigo Bunting, indicating that it died more recently.


This bird I collected and put on ice.  It will be interesting to learn eventually where this bird was born and where it might have been headed so early in the “fall”.


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