18 June 2013 – trapped Common Yellowthroat

I found a trapped, yet feisty, male Common Yellowthroat today in the southwest alcove.  Here again is a bird that in June doesn’t occur within miles of the central OSU campus.  Why would one be on the move through such inhospitable cover at this time of year?

Screen shot 2013-06-18 at 10.46.21 AM

I found the bird on the sidewalk in front of the doors.  He was standing and alert when I found him, and he got progressively more chipper as I approached, even calling several times.  I will count him as a trapped bird, but not as a casualty.


As I watched and before I was able to herd him away from the alcove, the bird exhibited a behavior that I suspect affects many of my casualties here.  Rather than fly headlong into the window, the bird fluttered up against it, unable to determine why it couldn’t simply fly through to where it could be either vegetation through the window or daylight on the other side.  I think that some of my casualties are birds that simply exhaust themselves and die from this behavior as opposed to birds that receive immediate head trauma from a more dramatic collision.

Northern Cardinal carcass remains.



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