16 June 2013 – Yellow-billed Cuckoo and Northern Cardinal

(no photos)

Today I found two birds, both of which were in a state of decomposition indicating that they actually died yesterday, Jun. 15th. 

The Yellow-billed Cuckoo was interesting in that there has been something of a local movement of them over the past couple of weeks.  Last week, at least one and possibly two, died in window collisions with the Food and Agricultural Products Center just west and across a parking lot from the NRC.  I’ve also had one calling in my backyard, which is a bit unusual.  The bird I found today was also interesting in providing the first kill at an odd point on the building:  the very northwesternmost corner entry.  This is a section of the building only about 6′ wide. 

The second bird was a HY (local) Northern Cardinal male.  I found this bird at the main north entrance.

I left both birds in place to assess removal rates.


That’s an interesting pattern of window kills, with the collisions seemingly concentrated on the north and west sides during (what should be) spring migration.

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