18 October 2012 – 1 trapped Lincoln’s Sparrow

This guy was really trapped – down the stairwell at the northeast entrance.  I shooed him out of there and he flew along the east side of the west wing.  Then I flushed him across the lawn to where he flew slowly but steadily directly into a pane of glass along the curved section on the north side of the building.  From there I flushed him east and away from the NRC completely.  Whew!

10 October 2012 – no casualties, but a bonus Song Sparrow refugee

No birds hanging around (alive or otherwise) the NRC today, but the carcasses of Lincoln’s Sparrow and Common Yellowthroat remain in plain view at the Food and Agricultural Products Center across the street.  Today, they were joined by a live, and a bit stunned, Song Sparrow.  Thankfully, I was able to shoo the Song Sparrow away.

1 October 2012 – no casualties, but some bonus birds nearby

There looked to be a House Wren and two Lincoln’s Sparrows hanging around this morning, but I still can’t consider these birds “trapped” if I can’t get close enough to them to effectively herd them away from the building.

I did find a window-killed Lincoln’s Sparrow at a nearby building yesterday, and it seems to have hit the same window that an unfortunate Common Yellowthroat did a few days ago.

This building is the Food and Agricultural Products Center, located just west and across a parking lot from the Noble Research Center.  This is a weird little corner of the building that every year claims several birds, even though it seems very protected.

Northeastern corner of the Food and Agricultural Products Center. The two victims are visible, with my backpack for scale.