22 August 2012 – no casualties

Hummingbird and Painted Bunting still there, but someone has moved the hummingbird so that it is now on top of the Painted Bunting.


3 thoughts on “22 August 2012 – no casualties

  1. Do you ever leave a note or something along with carcasses left behind? I was often tempted to print out a business card type thing with project information if people were curious. Sounds like a cairn of dead things!

    • Nope. The way I see it, removal is removal, and it doesn’t matter if a human or a rat was responsible. I might do something differently if I was running surveys in a big city with lots of pedestrians and maintenance people around, but here I just let what happens happen.

      • Makes sense – I ended up covering every exit/entrace to ‘guilty’ buildings on campus with my contact information and ended up with a lot more stunned birds than I ever found on my own. Not such a drastic increase in dead birds, which I found curious.

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