3 May 2012 – Indigo Bunting (stunned)

I found an SY female Indigo Bunting this morning on the north side of the NRC.  She allowed me to pick her up,  squawking about that a bit, but I’m not optimistic about her recovery.  Generally, if a wild bird with no other obvious external injury allows me to pick it up, I assume it’s got things wrong on the inside that are irreparable.

I moved her to a secluded spot in dense vegetation by Cordell Hall with a clear sightline to the north, but I will count her as a mortality given her condition.

3 thoughts on “3 May 2012 – Indigo Bunting (stunned)

  1. Update from 4 May – the Indigo Bunting was not where I left her yesterday. She either recovered enough to leave on her own or was depredated/scavenged. I found no evidence of predation/scavenging, but predators don’t always leave feathers behind from birds they’ve taken.

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