25 April 2012 – Clay-colored Sparrow

ASY-U, fat = 1

With sample sizes so small, any repeat of the same species in a week looks like a pattern.  Here’s what eBird reveals about Clay-colored Sparrow migration this spring:

February 2012 records:

March 2012:

April 2012:

Yep, it sure looks like Clay-colored Sparrow migration kicked in this month, with birds passing right through Stillwater.

23 April 2012 – Grasshopper Sparrow and bonus Gray Catbird

I found an ASY Grasshopper Sparrow in a west alcove at the NRC this morning.  While processing the bird at my desk, a colleague stepped in with a frozen Gray Catbird that struck a window in his Stillwater home last night.

6 April 2012 – possibly stunned baby Mourning Dove

I found a fledgling Mourning Dove on the ground in a corner of the NRC this morning, and managed to herd it out away from that spot.  The bird was alert and able to fly and didn’t look to me to be suffering any effects from a window collision, if indeed it had one at all.