4 November 2011 – Grasshopper Sparrow and no net loss of Lincoln’s Sparrow

I found this AHY Grasshopper Sparrow (fat = 3) in one of the west alcoves this morning, after a night when temperatures in Stillwater dipped to 23 F.

As for the cryptic headline about Lincoln’s Sparrow, the individual I left in place on Oct. 27th was scavenged overnight.  Here’s what’s left:

So that bird lasted in situ for 9 days.

The “no net loss” comes from discovery of a new Lincoln’s this morning, and this is one I’ve missed for a few days.  How could I miss a dead bird in place for several days when I’m searching an area of lawn and sidewalk?  In this case, it comes down to the where the bird ended up.  It’s so close to the edge of the sidewalk that it’s only visible if approached from the south or east.  My normal walking route approaches this spot from the north, but occasionally I switch things around for exactly this reason.  Even something as simple as the direction of the route you take around a building can affect your ability to detect a bird carcass there.  (I’ll now leave this bird in place and see how long it lasts.)

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