2 November 2010 – Field and Grasshopper sparrows

NOTE: I did check on Nov. 1, but neglected to make an entry: no casualties.

I heard several flight calls while walking home from a basketball game around 9:45 last night, so I thought there might be a bird or two around the NRC this morning. There was.

First, I flushed a Grasshopper Sparrow from the hedges on the north side. Eventually, I herded this bird away from the building but he bumped into windows several times while trying to get his bearings. There was also a plump male Dark-eyed Junco similarly trapped by the building this morning, and I tried to herd him away as well. Time will tell if I was successful.

Another Grasshopper Sparrow was not so lucky. I found that bird in good condition but for some ant damage on the face, so I imagine that it came in some time yesterday. Either I missed it on yesterday’s search or it came in during the day. I left the sparrow in place to get some more scavenging rate data.

The second victim was this Field Sparrow, the first of this species I’ve found in window collision monitoring:
(AHY, Fat = 1)

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