10/18/2010 – Bonus casualty from FAPC

Just across Farm Rd. from Ag Hall – and across a parking lot from the NRC – stands the Food and Agricultural Products Center or FAPC. From time to time I’ve found casualties there: cardinal, hummingbird, and Lincoln’s sparrow come to mind. A little while ago, I found this female Red-breasted Nuthatch, a potential harbinger of a big nuthatch invasion this year. The bird is an HY female with a fat score = 2.

18 October 2010 – Grasshopper Sparrow

Given my schedule over the weekend hosting the Oklahoma Ornithological Society annual meeting, I was unable to check the NRC on the 16th and 17th. (I did, however, find remains of Lincoln’s Sparrow and Wilson’s Warbler at the Kerr Residence Hall).

This morning I found a single Grasshopper Sparrow at the NRC. This was the first time I’ve found a carcass at the bottom of the stairway on the east side of the building. Beetles have gotten to the carcass; I’ll leave it there to see how long it lasts. (The cuckoo from June is still visible btw, although only when I know to look for it. It has reached a stage of decomposition at which it is easy to overlook when just casually walking by.)

This last photo was taken without the flash, to provide a sense of how dark it was at about 7:25 when I did this morning’s survey.