10 October 2010 – scavenged sparrow and a mammalian surprise

I found another one of those instantly scavenged individuals yesterday, this one identifiable as a Lincoln’s Sparrow from the lone undertail covert and distal end of one wing I found:

The real excitement, however, was furnished by this little guy:

Did you see him?

This was a very much alive (though a bit waterlogged following an afternoon storm) big brown bat. I couldn’t tell if the bat was stunned from striking a window or simply ended up at this spot and was acting unobtrusive as best it could. I didn’t think it would fare well out in the open either way, so I moved the little forest sprite to a nice, protected tree well away from the NRC.

A few moments later, the bat was gone!

No worries – it crawled deep into a crevice in the main crotch of the tree.