Is bird-safe glass on the way?

An astute reader directed my attention to an 8/28 article by Anne Eisenberg in the New York Times online Business Day section. The article describes the use of a new glass product developed in Germany, Ornilux, that holds promise for reducing window collisions because it is visible as a barrier to birds – its visible pattering, however, is largely invisible to humans, so the product could become popular for sustainable designs of homes and businesses.

3 thoughts on “Is bird-safe glass on the way?

  1. yaay! but it will take years no doubt to make any difference… If truly effective, it should become part of LEED and be a requirement for all new commercial buildings..not holding my breath tho…

  2. Megan, To give some hope to your comments….It will take time of course to adopt on a large scale, but by making this glass available to European and now the North American market, Arnold Glas is hoping to affect that change. I am responsible for marketing and sales to N.A. and have even been responding to requests in South and Central America and Asia. The glass is effective and is a unique solution in that it provides a clear glass option that is needed in order for change to happen. The advocates we support are working hard to get bird safe glass and architectural solutions in to LEED. We all see that as an important step. Don’t hold your breath…..breathe deep and continue to spread the word. 🙂

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