1 August 2010 – Carolina Wren (scavenged)

Today I found the remains (4-5 incisor-snipped primaries) of a Carolina Wren. The feathers were fairly worn, so it’s difficult to tell if the bird had been there for a few weeks and I’ve been missing it, or if the kill was fresh but the feather weren’t to start with, i.e., the bird had not yet molted very worn feathers. If the bird had been in place for some time before being scavenged, I suppose that it was buried in a small pile of leaves that had accumulated in a corner at this spot. I always do check those leaves carefully, but I generally don’t dig through them for hidden victims underneath. That just doesn’t seem likely given that the “pile” in question is only 2-3 leaves deep and occupies the area of a standard coffee table book.

I’m leaning more, then, toward the idea that this was a more recent casualty, perhaps a bird with worn feathers that met its end yesterday and was scavenged in the early morning hours of today. Given my uncertainty about its time of death, I will just leave it in the database with the August 1st date.

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