17 May 2010 – bonus Ag Hall casualty

The same window that claimed a Sharp-shinned Hawk last fall today claimed a Mourning Warbler. Sad to see a little bird like this on such a long journey lose its life in such a weird place and under such pointless circumstance.

Mourning Warbler, photographed on a roof overhang through glass.

17 May 2010 – another baby Mourning Dove

There were two hanging around in the bushes near the NRC yesterday, accompanied by their nervous parents. One flushed ahead of me, slowly and weakly flying like juvenile birds often do, and plopped into one of the windows ~75m away. It was unclear to me if these birds had already hit the windows and damaged themselves, or if they were just new at this whole “flying” thing. Either way, I was concerned that they were quite vulnerable to predators.

This morning I found the scavenged remains of at least one of the babies. My observations yesterday make me suspicious that this could have simply been a predator catching one of the slow little squabs – no window necessary. Had I not observed them yesterday, however, I would certainly have attributed the pile of feathers to a scavenged window-kill, so that’s what I’m doing.

Perhaps the most interesting thing happening this week is that we apparently have a predator hanging around the NRC and snatching some easy meals.