16 September 2009 – two unlucky warblers

I hadn’t planned to check the NRC this morning, but I received an email from a colleague with an office in the building that an unusual warbler had met its maker near one of the west entrances. The warbler was indeed unusual, and one I have yet to see in the Sooner State: Canada Warbler.

Photo via cameraphone by Jesse Burton. Looks to be an AHY female.


Unfortunately, in the roughly 10 minutes that elapsed between Jesse taking the photo and me getting to the location, someone had swept the area and removed the bird! I did some dumpster diving to try and find it, but to no avail. I am hopeful that whoever collected it did so because they recognized it, and the specimen will eventually make its way to our collections.

Although I missed the Canada Warbler, I did find another Common Yellowthroat. This one looked to be a HY female, fat = 2.

Video Snapshot

2 thoughts on “16 September 2009 – two unlucky warblers

  1. One thing that I did was encouraged calling by posting my phone extension near all doors around “my” buildings. Calls actually provided close to half of my bodies. Visibility is half the battle – my sister would kick birds under the bushes when she worked at the library (big shiny windows) and never even thought to tell me until well into the project! Makes you wonder what percentage you don’t find… kudos to Jesse for thinking to take a photo =)

    • In my case with this building, there really isn’t anywhere a carcass could be tossed that I’d miss it. (This is a main reason why I’m using this building.) For me to truly miss one, it’d have to be removed entirely. I’m right now keeping an eye on 3 carcasses that have been there for over 1 week – scavenging rate is close to nil. So while I’m certainly missing some, I’m definitely getting most. I’ve added a new post on detectability.

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